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Protecting Your Rights After a Storm – Recovery from Hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma hit Florida in September 2017 causing massive damage and destruction that impacted the community and individual residents. At Three Rivers Legal Services, we’ve worked over the last two years to provide support and assistance to low income families and other at-risk individuals impacted by Hurricane Irma.

Florida Felons’ Voting Rights Can Be Immediately Restored Upon Completion of Sentence

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How:      Florida voters passed Amendment 4 to the Florida Constitution on November 8, 2018 to eliminate the five to seven year wait period for convicted felons to restore their voting rights (not all civil rights). The Florida legislature enacted Sections 98.045 and 98.0751 of the Florida Statutes that govern eligibility for felons to restore

“Ask The Attorney” with Sarah Sullivan from Three Rivers Legal Services

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July 23, 2019 BY ILAWJAXADMIN “Ask The Attorney” with Sarah Sullivan from Three Rivers Legal Services Our attorney Aaron Irving had the pleasure of sitting down with Sarah Sullivan from Three Rivers Legal Services to discuss her role within the organization and the various ways Three Rivers Legal Services provides legal assistance, and the ways

Beware of Latest Medicare Scam

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Beware of Latest Medicare Scam DNA/Genetic testing schemes are on the rise! WHAT IS THE SCAM? Older adults at senior centers, housing complexes, and other community locations are targeted by companies promoting “free” genetic testing, cancer screening, or DNA testing. During an event, beneficiaries are asked to swab their cheek to collect a DNA sample

Family Wize Discount Prescription Card

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      The lack of adequate health insurance and health coverage is a major problem preventing families from thriving. Furthermore, across the board, prescription medication costs are on the rise. One of the ways United Way helps individuals and families receive the prescriptions they need is through our partnership with FamilyWize. FamilyWize Community Service

Sealing/Expunging Criminal History Records

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FLORIDA CRIMINAL RECORDS Provided by Three Rivers Legal Services, Inc. April 2019  Sealing/Expunging Criminal History Records Criminal records can be barriers to employment and housing. Sealing or expunging a criminal record may remove the barrier. The following applies to Florida criminal records only. If you were arrested in another state, you must determine that state’s