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Foreclosure Defense

Have you been threatened with foreclosure on your home or has a law suit to foreclose on your home been filed?

Your home is the biggest purchase you will ever make.  No one intends to fall behind on their mortgage payments but sometimes difficulties like job loss, illness, divorce or a death in the family may cause this to happen.

What can Three Rivers Legal Services do to help when your faced with a foreclosure?

When faced with foreclosure it is important to seek legal help right away.  A TRLS attorney will work with you to see if there is a way to save your home.   They may be able to help you file a response to the foreclosure complaint, assist in the completion of the paperwork to apply for a loan modification, or negotiate an exit with dignity in the form of a short sale, or cash for keys.  We can also help with foreclosures arising from reverse mortgages.

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Help for the Hearing Impaired

Help for the Hearing Impaired is available by dialing 711, Florida Relay Service, to conference call with your TTY service.

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