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Florida Felons’ Voting Rights Can Be Immediately Restored Upon Completion of Sentence

How:      Florida voters passed Amendment 4 to the Florida Constitution on November 8, 2018 to eliminate the five to seven year wait period for convicted felons to restore their voting rights (not all civil rights). The Florida legislature enacted Sections 98.045 and 98.0751 of the Florida Statutes that govern eligibility for felons to restore voting rights.


1. Convicted felons who have completed all terms of their sentences, including parole, successful completion of probation, and payment of restitution, fees and fines ordered by the court. As to fees and fines due, check your release documents, if recently released. If released some time ago, check the online court records in the County in which the felony conviction occurred or with that County’s Clerk of Court. As to restitution, call Probation Services of the FL Dept. of Corrections to check the status. If you cannot pay fines, fees or restitution in full, you can:

  • Have all payee’s give their approval to waive the fines, fees or restitution by appearing in court or providing a notarized affidavit giving their consent,
  • Petition the court for a waiver or conversion to community service hours, where allowed.

You do not meet this requirement by having the fees, fines or restitution converted to a civil lien.

 2. You were not convicted of:

  • First degree murder 782.04(1)
  • Second degree murder 782.04(2), 782.04(3)
  • Killing unborn child by injury to mother 782.09
  • Providing material support or resources for terrorism or to terrorist organizations, if the violation leads to death or serious bodily injury 775.33(4)
  • Any felony requiring registration as a sex offender
  • Sexual misconduct by a psychotherapist 491.0112
  • Sexual cyberharassement (second offense) 784.049(3)(b)
  • Female genital mutilation 794.08
  • Prostitution while knowing you were HIV-positive 796.08
  • Sexual conduct, a romantic relationship, or lewd conduct with a student as a school authority figure 800.101
  • Incest 826.04
  • Sale or distribution to minors or using minors in production of harmful materials 847.012
  • Abuse of a dead human body 872.06
  • Sexual misconduct with an inmate as an employee of a correctional or detention facility 944.35(3)(b)2, 951.221(1)


If you believe you are eligible, register to vote at your County’s Supervisor of Elections Office, FL driver license offices, or tax collector offices that issue FL driver licenses or FL ID cards. The Supervisor of Elections will be responsible for verifying your eligibility and sending you a written notice if you are found ineligible.

This is provided as legal information only and should not be construed and is not intended as legal advice.
The laws discussed are subject to change without notice.

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