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Consumer Law

Are you afraid to pick up the phone and face another debt collection call? Are your wages being garnished? Has your bank account been attached?  Are you facing repossession?  Are you being sued by a creditor?  If the answer to any of these questions is YES, you need the advice of a knowledgeable consumer law attorney.  Inaction could prove costly.

Three Rivers Legal Services, with offices in Gainesville, Lake City and Jacksonville, serves a 17 county area in north Florida.  If you are financially eligible, our attorneys who are experienced in the areas of consumer warranty law, fair debt collection, repossessions, automobile fraud and consumer defense in general are ready to help you.

A TRLS attorney will advise you regarding your rights and responsibilities under the law and help you develop a plan of action which may include notifying bill collectors to stop calling, filing an Answer and Affirmative Defenses if a law suit has been filed, assisting in having a garnishment dismissed or negotiating a settlement.

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