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Client Rights

Three Rivers Legal Services is here to help you. We care about our clients and want to earn and keep your trust and respect.

Three Rivers Legal Services is an Equal Opportunity Organization. This means that TRLS assures the rights of all persons to work in, participate in, and receive the assistance provided by TRLS without any regard to race, color, religion, national origin, disability, sex, age, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, veteran status, marital status, or any other consideration prohibited by law.

What do you have a right to expect?

  1. To be served with dignity and respect.
  2. To see a person at TRLS who is interested in helping you.
  3. To have your problem discussed in privacy with Legal Services employees or volunteers. No one outside of Legal Services will know what you discussed unless you authorize your representative to disclose information to other parties or agent.
  4. To have the name and office telephone number of the person who is helping you.
  5. To receive advice as to whether or not we will be able to help and the type of help you may receive.
  6. Taking into account the high number of people Legal Services is assisting, to have someone respond to your problem within a reasonable time.
  7. To be advised from time to time as to the progress of your case and have your questions answered.

What do we expect from you?

  1. To be fully truthful about the facts of your case.
  2. To let your Legal Services representative know of any changes in your case, including changes in your address, telephone number and income.
  3. To keep appointments with your Legal Services representative, or let him or her know in advance when you cannot make it.
  4. To be on time for all hearings.
  5. To let Legal Services know that you are no longer interested in the matter if you decide you do not want to continue trying to resolve your problem.
  6. To respond right away to all requests from Legal Services for additional information.

What if you have a complaint about TRLS?

  1. Ask to speak with the managing attorney in the office.  If the managing attorney is not available, leave your telephone number and address so the managing attorney can contact you.
  2. If after speaking with the managing attorney your problem is still not resolved, ask to speak with the Executive Director.  If the Executive Director is not available, leave your telephone number and address so that he or she may contact you.
  3. If the Executive Director does not resolve your problem, you may file a formal complaint on a special form with the Board of Directors of Three Rivers Legal Services, with instructions given to you by the Executive Director.
  4. If you are a senior, you may have additional grievance procedure protections.  You can ask any staff member to provide these to you, and to explain them to you.